Top Five Networking Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

There are five HUGE networking mistakes most lawyers make and all of them could be avoided. I outline these blunders below. How many of them do you make? Listen to today's show to find out. Season 2 Show 51 Episode 175

There are five HUGE networking mistakes most lawyers make and all of them could be avoided. I outline these blunders below. How many of them do you make?

Mistake One: Not Showing Up Consistently

You need to show up, on time, every time. People need to find you reliable and predictable. That gives them confidence. If you constantly attend networking events and you always keep your appointments, people will trust you. Trust is the foundation fo referrals.

Mistake Two: Not Putting In The Work

When you show up, you have to connect with people and listen to them. This is hard work. Don't get me wrong, it's not swinging a sledge hammer or laying concrete, but it is hard work nonetheless. Making a true, empathetic, genuine connection with another business owner is critical to networking success. If you want multiple referrals each month, you need to do this over and over again.

That's work and you need to do it.

Mistake Three: Not Following Up

After the initial meeting the real work begins. This is the follow-up. Adding people to your contacts database, sending them weekly email newsletters and monthly direct mail newsletters, and reaching out to have regular conversations, is all part of the program. If you don't do this, you won't generate new referrals.

Mistake Four: Not Giving More Than You Receive

You cannot expect to get referrals unless you give referrals and it is not proportionate.

Successful networkers give about three times more referrals than they receive. So to get 10 new referrals during a month, you should be passing at least 30 referrals per month to people in your network. Why is this? It's because people need to 1). Build up their trust in you. 2). Understand your referral expectations. 3). Discover what to listen for to connect you with someone good. 4). learn how to make the connection to you in a way that is successful.

Teach people how to refer you by the way you refer business to them.

Mistake Five: Not Asking for Referrals

People will refer you if you ask them.

Ask to meet someone specific. Give them the name of the person you want to meet. Give them their title. Give them the name of the company they work for. Give them the industry. Tell them why you want to meet that person.

All of these things are essential.

When you ask with this level of specificy, you'll be successful.

If you want to get more referrals and be more successful networking, stop making these mistakes.

Your bank account will be glad you did.

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