The Referral Shortcut for Lawyers and Other Professionals

This show is a shortcut to getting new referrals for lawyers. Listen right now. Season 2 Show 46 Episode 168

On this episode of the show I share the secret to attracting new referrals for lawyers (actually I share three secrets and a shortcut at the end of the show. be sure to join us.

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Here are some show notes:

Everyone wants to attract business through referrals for three reasons:
  • Your credibility is already high with someone who is referred to you. Why? Because someone they trust introduced this prospective client to you.
  • Referred prospective clients are qualified to work with you. It's highly likely the person referring business to you shared your business terms with the new potential client. If the prospect didn't agree with those terms they wouldn't have agreed to speak with you.
  • Referred clients are less fee resistant. Again, the person referring the new client to you probably shared your fee structure and they shared your terms. If the new client didn't agree with them, they wouldn't be speaking with you. 
  • So everyone wants referrals, but many of your former clients and evangelists do not know that you specifically will accept business by referral. Sometimes people forget - either about sending a referral to you or about you entirely.

Reminding people in a way that is professional and aggressive (without seeming needy) is critical to your financial success.

I teach people in my Inner Circle Community how to do this.

I also teach them other things like:
  • How to connect with new clients using speaking engagements (delivered via Webinar or Zoom meeting as well as from the front of a room on stage).
  • How to get articles published in places where your ideal clients will see them.
  • What to say to a client to increase the fees you charge.
  • How to develop life-long relationships with clients who invest in your services over and over again.
  • In addition we discuss:
  • Prioritizing your time to make sure you never lose focus on the most important business growth initiatives
  • Setting up a business or a practice that runs without your day-to-day involvement so you can enjoy life.
  • How to hire the best possible administrative assistant (either in real life or virtual).
  • And much more.
  • But that's not the best part of membership in this community. The best part is the REFERRALS.

That's right. If you are an active participant in the community - meaning you attend some of the Zoom meetings and share your knowledge - people in the community will refer business to you.

Right now we have members from all over the United States and even some from foreign countries.

Just this past week, one of our members reached out with a $17,000 referral to another member. As the community grows, these referrals will increase - both in size and frequency.

If you like referrals, you should apply for membership.  If you are accepted, you'll be a member of a group that has been vetted by me for:
  • Having a high level of integrity
  • Understanding how to qualify and pass a referral
  • Puts the good of the community ahead of personal interest and wants to foster a community of selflessness. 
  • Do this now:
  • Review the information on the webpage below.
  • Pay your membership fee and I will interview you.
  • If you're accepted, I will introduce you to the community at our next weekly meeting.
Here's the link to pay and apply.
If you are not accepted, your fee will be returned.  

Oh and the best part: It only costs $1099 per year to join. One referral will literally pay for your membership for ten years or more. 

Here's the link:

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