Let's Talk About Our Relationship

Relationships are living organisms. The either grow or they die. You feed them through communication. On today's show we discuss the care and feeding of a good relationship. Season 2 Show 44 Episode 166

Years ago a big company hired me to do some freelance work for them. I was to write an article each day for their website. They also hired a marketing expert to help with strategy. The expert and I became friends. We worked well on that project and eventually, worked on a subsequent project together. We exchanged contact info and passed referrals to each other.  We'd have telephone conversations and share advice. Each year, on our birthdays, we'd exchange cards.

As the years passed, the calls became less and less frequent but cordial emails and cards were still exchanged. 

Then one day I needed some advice on something and I picked up the phone and called the marketing guru.  He let me ask my question and then responded with:  "You know, I've given you quite a bit of advice over he years, and you've never offered to pay me a penny. If you really want to take your business to the next level, you should..." and he followed up with a sales pitch.

I was shocked. After I hung up the phone, I turned to my wife and relayed the conversation.  She said:

"Why are you surprised by this? You do the same thing. You give advice to people in your email and online as if they are your friends and then you get frustrated when they ask you for specifics and don't offer to pay you."

She was right and the marketing expert was right. 

When the marketing expert was sharing information and advice with me, it was on his terms. He was teaching me and providing general guidance. When I reached out to him and asked him for help, I should have entered into a professional relationship with him.   

Each day I show up here and have a conversation with you. During this conversation I share educational information, entertain and inform you. I'm happy to do this because it is on my terms. Many people call me for specific advice and they become clients.

I make it easy to become a client.  You can join my Inner Circle Community for an investment of $1097 per year.  That's over 100 individual learning sessions and 50 networking events (via Zoom) along with membership in a community that refers you business.

The return in investment from this relationship is phenomenal. 

You can view the invitation to join at this website: http://WorkWithDaveLorenzo.com

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