How To Use a Podcast To Grow Your Law Firm or Professional Practice

This show is a step-by-step guide to using a podcast for growing a professional practice. Today we discuss exactly how to create content that engages your listeners and leads them to you as an expert who can solve their problems. Season 2 Show 43 Episode 165

Over the years I have experimented with podcasts a few different times as a way to help me grow my business.  As someone who is no stranger to content creation (I write every day) I have no trouble sharing a topic with an audience for 10 minutes each day. But when I started the Do This Sell More Show I wanted to not only educate but entertain and have fun doing it.

That's why I developed this content model for the show.  There are seven different types of content. Here is a brief outline:

How To Content: On this show I teach the audience something. I give specific, focused guidance on how to do something to achieve a desired outcome. Sometimes this is positioned as "behind the scenes" and sometimes it's a flat out, "here's how you do it..." show. This show is a "How to..." show. 

Mindset Content: On this type of show I help you change your thinking. When it comes to helping people grow, you must do it from the inside out. That means first you change your thoughts, then you change your feelings, then you change your behavior.  On a mindset show I demonstrate how you can change your results by first changing your thoughts. 

Edutainment: On this type of show I educate through the telling of a story. The model is Asop's Fables. Asop was a storyteller in Ancient Greece. He told stories that taught a lesson.

Promotional Content: This is content that helps me sell something to the audience. It can be a profile of a successful client or an entire show dedicated to promoting a solution I'm offering.

Attorney Interviews: Since a large part of my audience is attorneys, I try to interview someone in that field who has a great story or unique talent.

Professional Interviews: These are shows on which I interview a CPA, an architect, engineer or other professional. I do this to give the audience the perspective of someone in a profession that is different than theirs.

Expert Interviews: These are interviews with experts, authors or some other authority in an area of interest to my audience. The have an interesting story or specific expertise to share with my audience.  Most often they have a book or course they are promoting.  

Even though I am 165 episodes into this show, I'm always tweaking and tinkering with the content model. I do this to keep my audience interested and engaged and I also do it to keep from getting bored myself.  

If you have an idea for a guest for the show or you have a topic you'd like to see me cover, please email it to me. You can find me at: 

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