Change Your Mindset Grow Your Business

This is a one hour seminar Dave Lorenzo delivered to his Inner Circle group. Join us as we take you behind the scenes for this special edition of The Do This Sell More Show. Season 2 Show 35 Episode 157

Dave Lorenzo delivers a private seminar to his Inner Circle group during one of their weekly meetings. In this seminar, Dave discusses the mindset successful people have throughout their careers. 

Here are the ten areas discussed during this seminar:
  1. Accurate Thinking
  2. Reject Guilt
  3. Remove Negativity
  4. Get Paid First
  5. Guard Your Time
  6. Follow Your Passion
  7. Ignore Critics
  8. Take on Fear
  9. Systems Fix a Bad Memory
  10. Ask

These areas are discussed in detail. You will benefit from listening to this program regardless of your industry.

If you'd like to stay connected to Dave Lorenzo and a group of professionals who will support you, help you grow, and connect you with ideal clients, join Dave Lorenzo's Inner Circle Community. During the Covid-19 crisis, Dave is offering his subscribers the opportunity to join as VIP members for a reduced rate of $147 per month or $1,047 per year. This investment is easily recouped though the acquisition of one new client. 

To apply for membership visit: or call 888.444.5150

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