Best Sales Techniques: Frequency of Communication Builds Trust

Most entrepreneurs and professionals rush into a sales situation without developing a relationship first. Today's show is the best sales technique for developing trust. It's all about the frequency of communication. Season 2 Show 2 Episode 124

This video outlines one of the best sales techniques: Frequency of communication builds trust.  

Communication is critical when it comes to building and growing your business. How should you communicate during times of uncertainty?  Should you educate? Should you entertain? Should you sell?

We are talking about all of that on today’s episode of The Do this Sell More Show.

Welcome to the show where we take you inside. That’s right-you're going to get the INSIDE BS directly from us on everything business, everything sales and everything in life.

The DO THIS SELL MORE show has always been about giving your great information to help you grow. But in season two we are zeroing in on how successful business leaders grow their business.  You’ll notice we’ve added the “Inside BS” tagline to the show.


• We are delivering your insider business secrets.
• We are giving you a great insider business strategy.
• But most importantly, we are cutting through all the BULL Sh#t and giving you what you need to grow – rapidly.

Today’s show is all about the TIMING of your marketing communication when it comes to communication.

In order to make sure you get this right, we need first need to be certain you know WHO is in your audience.  

Ask yourself these questions first:

Who is your client listening to you? Who is watching you? Who is connecting with you?

Next, ask yourself:

How can I help them? How can I provide value to them?

Then think about:

Can I deliver this value each day?  Can I find something valuable to talk about with them daily?

Why do I want you to think about daily?  Well, let’s look at the most important relationships in your life. Would they get stronger or weaker if you talked to them more frequently?

Connecting with people with valuable information on a regular basis is critical to your success.

Tomorrow we are going to be talking about the tone of your communication.

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