BENDWIMP: How to Organize Your Business and Double Referrals: Interview with Summer Rose

It was an absolute pleasure for me to interview Summer Rose - an expert at organization, networking and persuasive communication. This is a session that will teach you more than you learned in college. Join us now! Season 2 Session 45 Episode 167

About Summer Rose

Have you ever stared hopelessly into your cluttered closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear?” Do you ever get overwhelmed from the amount of paperwork and bills piling up on your desk? Are you ever stressed by the disorganization in your home or embarrassed when unexpected company drops by because your home is not presentable?

Summer Rose is here to help! She will reorganize every aspect of your life and teach you how to implement the best strategies to properly utilize all the space in your home.

After she comes into your home, you will feel freer, be more productive, have more time, and never feel like you have nothing to wear ever again!

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Summer Rose graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Management and a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Communications. As a young girl, she jumped at the chance to organize her friends’ rooms – and still does! Her favorite thing to do was organize her aunt’s hair scrunchies, clips and makeup. Summer has been passionately organizing for over a decade!

Due to great demand for her organizational services, Summer realized how much she could improve people’s lives through these skills. As a result, Star Organizers was born. Summer currently resides and works in New York City and travels to organize clients’ homes all over the country. Clients have flown Summer out to fifteen different states for her organizational expertise.

Along with her organizational services comes some bonus life coaching. A life coach since 2005, Summer is a certified Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. She is also a certified Master NeuroStrategist, Performance Strategist, and Flow Consultant.

Summer not only helps you create effective strategies for your home and office, but she also helps you create effective strategies for your life. She teaches you how to effortlessly follow these strategies so your space and your life are consistently clutter free.

Contact Summer Rose

Phone: 917.780.2052

Listening Guide to the Inside B.S. Interview with Summer Rose

2:27 How Summer got started organizing people’s homes and lives
3:21 What are some of the different things Summer has organized over the years?
4:43 What is the best approach to organize computer files?
8:24 The strategy Summer used to organize a multi-office physician practice.
10:44 How to organize your photos on your computer.
11:38 The best way to organize your office.
12:30 Organization leads to better communication in the office.  
13:20 Tools to use to better organize yourself.
14:59 How Summer grew her network to include celebrities and thousands of professionals.
18:52 The best way to optimize your networking time and stay on track. 
20:36 How to decide who is worthy of your investment of time.
22:59 Summer teaches Dave about B.E.N.D.W.I.M.P.
29:00 Summer tells us how to figure out which business groups are productive and which groups are a waste of time.
31:20 We discuss how you determine which groups are a good fit for you and your personality.
32:40 How has Summer’s business shifted due to the Coronavirus pandemic?
38:24 The way Summer uses language to help people get things done.

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