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How Do You Start a Professional Practice in a Recession? Interview with Dave Lorenzo

This is a Father's Day Special. Nicholas Lorenzo interviews Dave Lorenzo about his career and his life. One of the most interesting questions was: "How did you start your consulting practice in a recession? Join us for this fun and heartwarming interview that will help you grow your practice and inspire you. Season 2 Show 53 Episode 177

Become Rejection Proof: How to Come Back Stronger

Rejection is a part of life. The only time rejection becomes a problem is when you let your fear of it prevent you from aggressively taking action. On today's show we talk about how you can make yourself rejection proof. Season 2 Show 52 Episode 176

Top Five Networking Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

There are five HUGE networking mistakes most lawyers make and all of them could be avoided. I outline these blunders below. How many of them do you make? Listen to today's show to find out. Season 2 Show 51 Episode 175

You Are Not Moving Fast Enough: Five Ways To Grow Rapidly

Each week five or six new people (sometimes more) come to me looking for help in growing their professional practice. They all start the conversation with the same phrase: "I don't know what I'm doing wrong." In today's show I give you the answer. Season 2 Show 50 Episode 174

How To Handle Creditors During a Pandemic: An Interview With Jeff Bast

Many businesses are dealing with creditor calls during the current economic downturn. This recession is different because it was caused by a pandemic and many businesses have been impacted. How should you handle it? This interview has the answer. Season 2 Show 51 Episode 173

How To Grow Your Law Firm On Your Own Terms

This is an interview I did about making a great living and loving a great life as a lawyer. If you have a professional practice and you want to make more money and do it on your own terms, you must listen to this interview now. Season 2 Show 50 Episode 172

The Fish Doesn’t Realize What A Great Swimmer He Is: An Interview With Lisa Larter

If you're looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, this is the interview for you. Lisa Larter runs a highly successful professional service business that includes both online and offline revenue streams. Lawyers, CPAs and all professionals will all benefit from her insights. Enjoy my interview with Lisa Larter. Season 2 Show 49 Episode 171

Clarity of Purpose: Do Something To Grow Each Day

You must approach each day with clarity of purpose. That means you must focus on the main reason for your existence each day. The reason my business exists is to grow through helping people so I need to do something to grow my business each day before I do anything else. This show highlights how I focus on growth. Season 2 Show 48 Episode 170

To Get a "YES" ask for "NO"

If you want to close more deals you have to cut off all the other options. This means asking for "NO" a lot. What do I mean? How could this possibly work? Listen to today's show and find out. Season 2 Show 47 Episode 169

The Referral Shortcut for Lawyers and Other Professionals

This show is a shortcut to getting new referrals for lawyers. Listen right now. Season 2 Show 46 Episode 168

BENDWIMP: How to Organize Your Business and Double Referrals: Interview with Summer Rose

It was an absolute pleasure for me to interview Summer Rose - an expert at organization, networking and persuasive communication. This is a session that will teach you more than you learned in college. Join us now! Season 2 Session 45 Episode 167

Let's Talk About Our Relationship

Relationships are living organisms. The either grow or they die. You feed them through communication. On today's show we discuss the care and feeding of a good relationship. Season 2 Show 44 Episode 166

How To Use a Podcast To Grow Your Law Firm or Professional Practice

This show is a step-by-step guide to using a podcast for growing a professional practice. Today we discuss exactly how to create content that engages your listeners and leads them to you as an expert who can solve their problems. Season 2 Show 43 Episode 165

There Is Always Another Client: An Interview with Brian Tannebaum

Dave Lorenzo interviews Brian Tannebaum, a Miami-based ethics and criminal defense attorney. Brian is a mentor and teacher to young lawyers. His advice is applicable for professionals in all industries and particularly valuable for attorneys who own their law firm. Season 2 Show 42 Episode 164

Why Should I Work With You? How To Differentiate Your Business

Why should someone work with you and not with someone else who does what you do? On today's show I share seven ways to differentiate your business from everyone else who does what you do. You MUST listen to this show because your competitors will. Season 2 Show 41 Episode 163

People Rarely Appreciate FREE. Make 'em Pay. Don't Give It Away.

Many consultants, attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals fall into the trap of giving away free information and/or services. You can do this, on a limited basis as a client attraction tool, but you have to do it correctly. If you do it wrong, you'll kill any chance you have to develop new relationships. I show you how to use FREE information to grow your business and attract new clients on this episode of The Do This Sell More Show. Season 2 Show 40 Episode 162

How Do You Find The Right Clients?

How do you decide who gets to be your client? There are a few criteria I have for allowing people into my world in a client relationship. Certainly money is one of the criteria because they have to be able to pay me. But too often that is the only criteria a professional has for a new client relationship. Today I share four other things you should look for in a client. Season 2 Show 39 Episode 161

Will Business Come Back To Miami? An Interview with James Kohnstamm

The Miami Beacon Council has a plan to help bring business back to Miami after the Coronavirus lockdown. James Kohnstamm, Executive Vice President of The Beacon Council shares it with us during this interview with Dave Lorenzo. Season 2 Show 38 Episode 160

You Need This Now More Than Ever

You have an opportunity to grow your business regardless of the current public health or economic conditions. I don't want you to miss this because now is the best time in a century to be a nimble, innovative professional. Listen to today's show to discover this untapped opportunity. Season 2 Show 37 Episode 159

The Real Reason You Don't Have More Clients

There is one question I'm asked consistently each time I connect with a new client for the first time. "Why don't I have more clients? I will answer that question for you on today's show. Season 2 Show 36 Episode 158

Change Your Mindset Grow Your Business

This is a one hour seminar Dave Lorenzo delivered to his Inner Circle group. Join us as we take you behind the scenes for this special edition of The Do This Sell More Show. Season 2 Show 35 Episode 157

How To Bounce Back After You Screw Up

The ability to bounce back from soul-crushing circumstances is not only the hallmark of successful business leaders, it is a HUGE competitive advantage for people in all walks of life. Use current conditions to force yourself to bounce back. Season 2 Show 34 Episode 156

Daily Conversations Saved My Life

Can a conversation save your life? Absolutely. Find out how. Listen to today's show. Season 2 Show 33 Episode 155

Put Relationships First: Profit Will Follow

Relationships are the key to longterm success in business and in professional services. Today's show, which is day ten in ten days of success, outlines the five ways you can put relationships first in your business. Season 2 Show 32 Episode 154

"You Were Right" (And Four Other Things You Should Start Saying)

You were right. This is a phrase we should use more often. There are four more phrases we should say more frequently. Why? Because saying them will help your relationships. We cover all of these on today's show. This is day eight in the ten days of success. Season 2 Show 31 Episode 153

I've Learned More During Quarantine Than I Did In Ivy League Grad School

There are many ways to learn and grow each day and there are many benefits to learning. Today we discuss some of the ways to increase your knowledge and we also discuss the benefits of learning each day. This is Season 2 Show 30 Episode 152.

I Was Too Embarrassed To Ask for Help

This is day seven of the ten days of success and today we discuss asking for help. Years ago, when I first started my business, I was new to direct response marketing techniques. I was sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and I almost went broke. Why? That's the subject of today's show. Season 2 Show 29 Episode 151

Common Sense Is Your Superpower: Ten Days of Success

Today we talk about common sense and how it can be your superpower. These days we should expect people to lie to us. You read that correctly. People Lie to us every day. But when you apply common sense, you can see through those lies. We show you how on today's show. Season 2 Show 28 Episode 150

How To Use Podcasts and Social Media to Grow Your Business

This is an interview with Phil Gerbyshak, a podcasting, social media and social selling expert. Dave Lorenzo and Phil discuss how you can (and should use podcasting and social media) as a tool to grow your business or professional practice. Season 2 Show 27 Episode 149

Ignore Unsolicited Advice: Ten Days of Success

All of us hate unsolicited advice. We all recognize that people who give us feedback when we didn't ask, are simply doing it to placate their own ego. On this show we explain why and how to reject this garbage. Season 2 Show 26 Episode 148

Guard Your Time: Day Four of Ten Days of Success

The most precious thing in your possession is your time. You must guard it from the people who want to come and steal it from you. In this show we share three ways you can protect your time and stay sane. Season 2 Show 25 Episode 147

No Guilt! Day Three of Ten Days of Success

One thing holds good people back more than anything else. It is guilt. People who don't have the success you enjoy will try to make you feel guilty. You must ignore that. Season 2 Show 24 episode 146.

Get Paid First: Day Two of Ten Days of Success

Always get paid up front. That's one of keys to business success.  On today's show we discuss why you should get paid before you do the work and we discuss how to get paid in advance.  Join us for Season 2 Show 23 Episode 145.

How to Make Better Decisions

This is part one of a series titled Ten Days of Success. Today's success habit is Decisiveness. Join Dave Lorenzo for his process titled: How to Make Better Decisions. Season 2 Show 22 Episode 144.

The Art of Being an Entrepreneur

These days it takes a sharp businessperson to sell art. In fact, you need to be great at connect with people, delivering value, marketing, sales and business strategy if you want to succeed as an artist. My guest today for the Inside BS Interview is great at all of those things and she's a highly successful artist. Professional service providers and business leaders need to listen to today's show because you'll discover the inside secrets to building a business around your passion. Season 2 Show 21 Episode 143

Three Ways to Deliver Value In a Bad Economy

In just a few weeks the world has changed. Things are not going back to the way they were in January 2020. You have a chance to grow and build your business for the way things are now and will be in the future or you can remain stuck in the past and get left behind. We address this issue in today’s show. Season 2 Show 20 Episode 142

How To Get Referrals From Strangers

Our last show detailed how to get referrals from clients. This show is about how you can get referrals from people who have never done business with you. Why is this important? It's important because people who know you, like you and trust you, will make up eighty percent of your referral partners. The other 20% just discovered you and they want to share you with the world. Season 2 Show 19 Episode 141

The Easy Way To Get A Referral

This show reveals my step-by-step guide to attracting more referrals. Once you adopt this system you'll find it to be the easy way to get a referral. Season 2 Show 18 Episode 140

How to Attract Better Clients

Today's show is all about helping you identify people who have the potential to be great clients for your business.  We also talk about how you can get them interested in your services and then we help you make sure they have the three things necessary to work with you. Get better clients immediately after you discover these secrets today. Season 2 Show 17 Episode 139

Five Qualities Necessary for Recession Survival and Growth

Recession survival is all about focusing on things that are important to your personal growth and development while delivering value to your clients. This episode is your guide to both. Season 2 Show 16 Episode 138

Hospitality Industry Entrepreneur Shares Business Secrets

Each week we bring you interviews with some of the most successful people in business. We do this to share their insider business secrets and take you inside business strategy. This week we are going inside the Hotel, Hospitality and Convention business. Our discussion this week is with Doug Baarman of Conference Direct. Season 2 Show 15 Episode 137

Ten Business Growth Habits: Quarantine Edition

Here are 10 business growth habits you can implement immediately - regardless of your situation. These activities require a small investment of time and money and offer a huge return. Don't miss this episode of The Do This Sell More Show. Click the link to listen. Season 2 Show 14 Episode 136

How To Get People To Act

If you want to connect with your audience and move them to take action, you need to do three things: You need to educate, entertain, and inform. If you're wondering how to do all of this is a brief marketing piece, like an article, podcast, or short video, you need to this show. Season 2 Show 13 Episode 135.

Never Fight With a Client or a Prospect

Fighting with a client or a prospect on social media is foolish. It is impossible to change someone's mind in that forum but there is an even more compelling reason to avoid that type of confrontation. On today's show I tell a scary personal story that will make you think twice before you engage a social media troll. Season 2 Show 12 Episode 134

Perfect Time For a Fresh Start

Your attitude is what will get you through tough times. If you're focused and determined and you're willing to persist, you can make it though anything. If you're looking to make a fresh start, you've come to the right place. We're going to discuss five ways to jump start your business success during a crisis on this episode of The Do This Sell More Show. This is Season 2 Show 11 Episode 133

Personal Branding Strategy and Entrepreneurship: How to Feel Good and Dress Like a Winner

How to brand yourself with your clothing, think and act like an entrepreneur and dress like a winner. This is a great interview with Chris Cartisano, the owner of Christopher Allen Custom Clothing. Season 2 Show 10 Episode 132

Negotiation Strategy And Planning: All Options on The Table

There are two types of negotiation: Transactional Negotiation and Relationship Negotiation. You need to plan for the type of strategy you will use before entering into a bargaining session. Season 2 Show 9 Episode 131

Win Win Sucks: Never Compromise in Negotiation

It happens all the time. You think you have a solid deal with the client and all of a sudden, something changes and either they want more, or they want to pay less or both. Their expectation is you’ll just agree because you’re already emotionally invested in the deal. They want you to just drop the price. What do you do? We address that with specific solutions on this episode of The Do This Sell More Show. Season 2 Show 8 Episode 130

Winning Mindset In Negotiation: Negotiate in your Underwear with Five C's

Today's show reveals the secret to making deals. Part of that mindset is being able to negotiate deals in your underwear. Join me as I reveal the other five elements of the mindset for a successful negotiation. Season 2 Show 7 Episode 129

Negotiation Skills In Business: First Offer Strategy

Today’s show is all about Negotiation skills in business, specifically Making the first offer. Have you ever wondered if you should make the first offer? What happens if the other side makes a crazy first offer? How should you respond? This show will help you handle all of that and more. Season 2 Show 6 Episode 128

How To Increase Your Income During A Recession

What’s the key to growing your business? Well, it starts with growing as a person – you growing your confidence, capability and clarity of purpose. That’s the subject of our conversation today on Dave Lorenzo’s DO THIS SELL MORE show. Join us for Season 2 Show 5 Episode 127.

Marketing Success Formula: Ask This To Build Successful Marketing Campaigns

There is one powerful question you should ask yourself and anyone else who is looking to do business with you. Ask this before you agree to anything. This same question can also help you determine how to spend your time. Listen to find out what that question is. Season 2 Show 4 Episode 126

Business Communication Skills Training: One Thing You Must Do Now To Improve Sales

Business communication sales training often leaves out one critical thing and today's show addresses it. That one thing is your TONE. More than anything else, your tone is critical to winning over prospects, clients, and evangelists. Season 2 Show 3 Episode 125

Best Sales Techniques: Frequency of Communication Builds Trust

Most entrepreneurs and professionals rush into a sales situation without developing a relationship first. Today's show is the best sales technique for developing trust. It's all about the frequency of communication. Season 2 Show 2 Episode 124

Time To Reinvent Your Business and Yourself

The entire world is locked in their homes and paralyzed by Coronavirus, COVID-19. Your business will never be the same. You need to reinvent everything. I want to help. This show is the beginning. Join us. Season 2 Show 1 Episode 123

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